Cammie Chant Photography


      Cammie Chant Photography is a business that was created by an individual named Cameron Holt. She is currently getting her bachelors of fine arts in Digital Photography at The Art Institute of San Antonio, Texas. Holt photographs many different subjects and themes but favors in studio portraits, black and white, and environmental portraits. She is always looking for new and inventive ways to bring her photographs to life through expression and emotion. “I just want my subjects to feel as beautiful as they truly are” Holt says.

      She uses Photoshop to do light touch ups and to dramatically bring up the contrast and vibrancy in her images. Most of her work are results of her college assignments given to her by her professors. They help push her out of her comfort zone so she can broaden her horizons and master many technical skills. Most of the models are her friends and co-workers that she has grown up with in either Spring Branch, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, Blanco, or San Antonio, Texas. Most of the models have never modeled before getting in front Holt’s camera. She makes them feel comfortable by starting out with a fun conversation before her sessions and by making sure there is a no judgement zone. Laughs and memories are always exchanged in the session and not just the outcome of the photographs are life changing but so is the experience. 

      For her studio portraits she uses The Art Institute studio location with a huge variety of technical equipment such as strobe lights, backdrops, reflectors, cameras, and lenses. Some of her best work was taken with the Mamiya/Leaf Back System for her Large Format Photography class. There are many opportunities that Holt wants to accomplish and many places and faces that she wants to see. She is always open for new people to be in her portfolio and is always open to new creative ideas.